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1. Yi Jia, Junbai Li*

Molecular Assembly of Schiff Base Interactions: Construction and Application

Chem. Rev., 115 (2015) 1597-1621.


2. Jinbo Fei, Junbai Li*

Controlled Preparation of Porous TiO2-Ag Nanostructuresthrough Supramolecular Assembly for Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis

 Adv. Mater., 27 (2015) 314-319.


3. Jingxin Shao, Mingjun Xuan, Luru Dai, Tieyan Si, Junbai Li*, Qiang He*

Near-Infrared-Activated Nanocalorifiers in Microcapsules: Vapor Bubble Generation for In Vivo Enhanced Cancer Therapy

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54 (2015) 12782-12787.


4. Qi Li, Yi Jia*, Luru Dai, Yang Yang, Junbai Li*

Controlled Rod Nanostructured Assembly of Diphenylalanine and Their Optical Waveguide    Properties

ACS Nano, 9 (2015) 2689-2695.


5.Peng Cai, Xiyun Feng, Jinbo Fei, Guangle Li, Jiao Li, Jianguo Huang, Junbai Li*

Co-Assembly of Photosystem II/Reduced Graphene Oxide Multilayered Biohybrid Films for Enhanced Photocurrent

Nanoscale, 7 (2015) 10908-10911.


6. Yi Jia, Weiguang Dong, Xiyun Feng, Jieling Li, Junbai Li*

A Self-Powered Kinesin-Microtubule System for Smart Cargo Delivery

Nanoscale, 7 (2015) 82-85.


7. Chenchen Qin, Jinbo Fei, Anhe Wang, Yang Yang, Junbai Li*

Rational Assembly of a Biointerfaced Core@Shell Nanocomplex Towards Selective and Highly Efficient Synergistic Photothermal/Photodynamic Therapy

Nanoscale, 7 (2015) 20197-20210.


8. Jieling Li, Yi Jia, Weiguang Dong, Anhe Wang, Junbai Li*

pH Responsive ATP Carriers to Drive Kinesin Movement

Chem. Commun., 51 (2015) 13044-13046.


9. He Zhang, Jinbo Fei, Xuehai Yan*, Anhe Wang, Junbai Li*

Enzyme-Responsive Release of Doxorubicin from MonodisperseDipeptide-Based Nanocarriers for Highly Efficient Cancer Treatment In Vitro

Adv. Funct. Mater., 25 (2015) 1193-1204.


10. Cuiling Du, Anhe Wang, Jinbo Fei, Jie Zhao, Junbai Li*

Polypyrrole-Stabilized Gold nanorods with Enhanced Photothermal effect Towards Two-photon Photothermal Therapy

J. Mater. Chem. B, 3 (2015) 4539-4545.


11. Xingcen Liu, Pengli Zhu, Jinbo Fei, Jie Zhao, Xuehai Yan, Junbai Li*

Synthesis of Peptide-Based Hybrid Nanobelts with Enhanced ColorEmission by Heat Treatment or Water Induction

Chem. Eur. J., 21 (2015) 9461-9467.


12. Minjun Xuan,# Jingxin Shao,# Luru Dai, Qiang He*, Junbai Li*

Macrophage Cell Membrane Camouflaged Mesoporous Silica Nanocapsules for In Vivo Cancer Therapy

Adv. Healthcare Mater.4 (2015) 1645-1652.


13. Peipei Yang, Yang Yang, Yujuan Gao, Yi Wang, Ju-Chen Zhang, Yaoxin Lin, Luru Dai, Junbai Li, Lei Wang*, Hao Wang*

Unprecedentedly High Tissue Penetration Capability of Co-AssembledNanosystems for Two-Photon Fluorescence Imaging In Vivo

Adv. Optical Mater.3 (2015) 646-651.


14. Hongchao Ma, Jinbo Fei, Qi Li, Junbai, Li*

Photo-induced Reversible Structural Transition of Cationic DiphenylalaninePeptide Self-Assembly

Small, 11 (2015) 1787-1791.


15. Qi Li, Hongchao Ma, Yi Jia, Junbai Li*, Baohua Zhu*

Facile Fabrication of Diphenylalanine Peptide HollowSpheres Using Ultrasound-Assisted Emulsion Templates

Chem. Commun., 51 (2015) 7219-7221.


16. Li Duan, Lili Du, Yi Jia, Wenyuan Liu, Zhichao Liu, Junbai Li*

High Impact of Uranyl Ions on Carrying–Releasing Oxygen Capabilityof Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes

Chem. Eur. J., 21 (2015) 520-525.


17. Ruirui Xing, Tifeng Jiao*, Linyin Yan, Guanghui Ma, Lei Liu*, Luru Dai, Junbai Li, Helmuth Möhwald, Xuehai Yan*

Colloidal Gold−Collagen Protein Core-Shell Nanoconjugate: One-Step Biomimetic Synthesis, Layer-by-Layer Assembled Film, andControlled Cell Growth

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7 (2015) 24733-24740.


18. Ofelia Maniti*, Samuel Rebaud, Joe Sarkis, Yi Jia, Jie Zhao, Olivier Marcillat, Thierry Granjon, Loïc Blum, Junbai Li, Agnès Girard-Egrot

Carrier-Inside-carrier: Polyelectrolyte Microcapsulesas Reservoirfor Drug-Loaded Liposomes

J. Liposome Res., 25 (2015) 122-130.


19. Qi Li, Hongchao Ma, Anhe Wang, Yi Jia, Luru Dai, Junbai Li*

Self-Assembly of Cationic Dipeptides Forming Rectangular Microtubes and Microrods with Optical Waveguiding Properties

Adv. Opt. Mater., 3 (2015) 194-198.


20. Chengjun Chen, Kai Liu, Junbai Li, Xuehai Yan*

Functional Architectures Based on Self-assembly of Bio-inspired Dipeptides: Structure Modulation and Its Photoelectronic Applications

Adv. Colloid Inter Sci., 225 (2015) 177-193.


21. Xiaoming Zhang, Luru Dai, Anhe Wang, Christian Wölk, Bodo Dobner, Gerald Brezesinski,Yunqing Tang, Xianyou Wang, Junbai Li*

The Directional Observation of Highly Dynamic Membrane Tubule Formation Induced by Engulfed Liposomes

Scientific Reports, 5 (2015) 16559.


22. Yunqing Tang, Luru Dai, Xiaoming Zhang, Junbai Li*, Johnny Hendriks, Xiaoming Fan, Nadine Gruteser, Annika Meisenberg, Arnd Baumann, Alexandros Katranidis, Thomas Gensch*

SNSMIL, a real-time single molecule identificationand localization algorithm for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Scientific Reports, 5 (2015) 11073.


23. Huiling Liu, Yang Yang,* Anhe Wang, Mingjuan Huan, Wei Cui, Junbai Li*

Hyperbranched Polyglycerol Doped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for One- and Two-Photon Actived Photodynamic Therapy

Adv. Funct. Mater., 26 (2015) 2651-2670.