Research Interests Research Interests


Molecular assemblies of biomimetic systems: Membrane hydrolysis, complex assembly of lipids, proteins, enzymes and biomolecular motors: F0F1, Kinesin, Actin, biogenic microcapsules, self assembly and in vitro characterizations of biological molecules such as DNA, peptide and single cells as well as their mixtures with surfactants and polymers.

 Biointerfaces: molecular patterns, surface modification, molecular recognition of enzymes, chemical recognition at cell surfaces, transport through cell membranes, design and synthesis of bioinspired molecules and materials for drug release and gene delivery.

Nanostructures: Design, synthesis, characterization and functionalization of nanoparticles, nanopatterns, nanotubes, nanocrystals.

Tunable Self-Assembly of Dipeptide : tunable self-assembly, tunable disassembly, structural transformation, design, synthesis, characterization and functionalization of dipeptide assembly structure.